A Cure for Munashe’s Clubfoot

December 02, 2016

When Munashe’s mother gave birth, she didn’t want to share the news with her husband. Instead of being overcome with joy when the baby was born in February 2016 at Harare Hospital in Zimbabwe, Munashe’s mother began crying instantly. She noticed immediately that her child’s feet were turned inwards and upwards. At first, this shocked her. It wasn’t until the doctor informed her of the seriousness of the complication that she began crying out of fear and confusion. She had no knowledge of clubfoot and wasn’t aware of the treatment available. After accepting the reality of Munashe’s condition, she wanted nothing more than to keep the news to herself. She didn’t know how her husband would react and she also didn’t know what kind of future her child could have.

Though she wanted to be happy about the birth of her child, she couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. The sight of babies born without clubfoot continuously moved her to tears because they only reminded her of her own child. She wanted nothing more than for Munashe to be healed, to be able to have a happy childhood and a future, but clubfoot complicated all of it. She was enveloped in fear until one of the doctors informed her that Munashe’s feet could be fixed.

Though seemingly good news, she wouldn’t believe the doctor until she could witness the healing with her own eyes. After four days of confusion, sadness, and fear, she was discharged from the hospital and told to take Munashe through the Rehabilitation Department. Still skeptical, she brought her child through the department and, for the first time, she saw other children with clubfoot. Instead of crying when seeing these children, she felt relief and even a flicker of hope. She eagerly watched Munashe’s change and development through different casts and lifted a joyful thank you to the ones who helped provide them for her child. Thanks to the treatment, Munashe’s mother no longer has to hopelessly cry for her child’s uncertain future.