Healing Hands: Clubfoot Communities Unite

January 23, 2017

Many of the stories we share are about children finding treatment, but this week we’re excited to share a story about a woman finding a rewarding career performing treatment. Maggie currently works as an Ortho Tech in San Bernardino, California, but that wasn’t always her career path. Maggie was working as an x-ray technician when a dear friend suggested she look into being an orthopedic technician and told her about casting children with clubfoot. She took the advice and has been casting clubfoot cuties for 15 years!

“I cast these crooked, little feet and 6-8 weeks later I see the transformation and think, ‘Wow – I did that!’ I wanted to be a part of healing and with Ponseti method, I’m able to help,” says Maggie.

Wanting to stay informed in the clubfoot community, she connected with MiracleFeet by signing up for our newsletters. “I love reading all the inspirational stories,” she explains. After reading a recent newsletter, Maggie wished she could do more for the children born with clubfoot needing treatment in low-income countries. She shared this with a coworker who immediately suggested Missions Possible, group of employees at her place of employment who support a variety of causes. Maggie met with the group, shared MiracleFeet’s mission and they immediately agreed to help!

Maggie hopes to volunteer at a MiracleFeet-supported clinic after she retires. We like that idea! Many thanks to Maggie and Mission Possible for supporting our efforts with a fundraising project in February.