Chloe Howard

Chloe Howard Brings “Stand Beautiful” Message to MiracleFeet

July 19, 2018

In mid-July, the MiracleFeet staff was thrilled to welcome Chloe Howard to our offices for a quick visit. We always love meeting clubfoot champions and advocates who are helping to change the world – Chloe is no exception!

Born with clubfoot that was treated with multiple operations over several years, Chloe was a victim of assault in high school. She did not stay a victim for long, however. After an inspirational conversation with the one and only Bono (yes – THE Bono!), Chloe began the difficult but freeing work of finding meaning in her suffering. Now 18 years old and headed to college, Chloe has given a TEDx talk that has been viewed tens of thousands of times, has gone on a tour to visit kids with clubfoot in Kenya, India, and the Dominican Republic, and has just released a book about the whole experience!

Our staff often wrestles with the difficult reality that there are still many in this world who view “different” as something to be mocked or shunned. We dream of the day when treating the physical disability of clubfoot becomes an added bonus because every child born with clubfoot is freely loved by their peers and families, accepted by the public, helped by their communities, and flooded with a deep and lasting sense of self-worth that they easily internalize. However, we are not there yet, and that is why Chloe’s message is so critical.

Titled STAND Beautiful, Chloe’s book is a must-read for anyone who has ever struggled to embrace the things that make them different. Additionally, young children will love the accompanying children’s picture book! No doubt, lives will continue to be changed because she fought through the nerves, discomfort, and risks to muster up the courage to tell others about her experience.

Click here to find out how to get your own copy of STAND Beautiful and thanks, Chloe, for being you!