A Pair of Victories

December 21, 2015

Treating Twins with Clubfoot

Finding proper, affordable treatment for one child with clubfoot in low-resource countries can be incredibly difficult. Further, finding and affording clubfoot treatment for twins can be almost impossible. “I will do anything for my kids,” says clubfoot mom, Liezel Dotillos, from Cebu City, Philippines.

Liezel and Elvin Dotillos felt blessed with twins, Luiz and Renzo. Although they were concerned when they learned both boys would be born with clubfoot, they became desperate when the doctor told them how much treament would cost. “We were deeply worried,” said Liezel.

The couple decided to seek help at the nearby public hospital, where one of the medical residents referred the twins to MiracleFeet-supported clinic. For 8 weeks, Elvin missed work every Thursday to take Liezel and their boys to Vicente Sotto Hospital. It was a sacrifice made of love and hope.

“The twins were never absent,” remembers Pierre Infante, MiracleFeet’s site coordinator in Cebu.

Although the treatment process has challenged Liezel and Elvin, the boys are making great strides. Liezel and Elvin understand that their children must sleep with their braces on for 2 to 3 more years, but have few complaints. Liezel says, “I believe parents must be responsible for their kids’ bracing.”

Our goal is to expand services all around the world, so that families like the Dotillos will never have to look too far for proper treatment.