A Mother’s Journey of Hope

December 07, 2015

Determined to Find Help

A mother who felt she couldn’t be seen with a son with clubfoot on her back. A mother who could no longer sell fish at the market. A mother who decided to find hope.

Lucy Samuel, a mother in Tanzania, gave birth to her fourth child and soon realized her newborn son, Ayoub, had clubfoot. Fear of what her community would think of her son’s disability, she stopped going out and kept Ayoub hidden in their hut. Lucy felt the crushing weight of worry and guilt that Ayoub wouldn’t have the same opportunities as his siblings.

Unwilling to believe the only options for treatment were local healers who would massage Ayoub’s feet with herbs, Lucy was determined to find other answers. She discovered a possible surgery in the regional capital. Unfortunately, both of these treatments were terribly expensive. Desperate to find other options, Lucy decided to take her son to a local hospital in the hope that there would be a more affordable option.

Unable to pay the 1,500 shilling (80 cents) motorcycle taxi fare into town, this determined mother walked 2-hours with Ayoub on her back. Her love for her son and her determination to give him a better life paid off. Sengerema Hospital provided treatment using the Ponseti Method at no cost to Lucy.

A New Life for Ayoub

Once Ayoub was in casts and on his way to normal feet and a healthy life, Lucy no longer worried about keeping her son hidden away. Ayoub was soon crawling around in his casts and playing with the other children. Lucy went back to selling fish at the market, which benefitted the entire family. Ayoub now has the opportunity to attend school like his siblings and Lucy has high hopes for her son. The hope she searched so hard to find.

We support hospitals like Sengerema, because we know there are families that need affordable clubfoot treatment. Celebrate Lucy and Ayoub’s victory with us by considering a donation this holiday season. You can donate a brace for $20 or cover the entire cost of treatment for just $250.

Thank you for your support. We wish you and yours a safe and happy holiday season.