A Clubfoot Mom Gives Back in a Unique Way

July 06, 2016

Mom on a mission.

Ruth Lee does not take life for granted. She is the type of person who keeps everything in perspective and reacts to uncertainty with an enviable calm. When Ruth and her husband found out that their baby girl would be born with clubfoot, they were uncomfortable, but accepting. Questions started to swirl in her mind, but she would gaze at her daughter, Ivy, and realize that her clubfoot had absolutely no bearing on her inherent value. She was a beautiful being, with a purpose.

With all of the information and support from other parents, Ruth and her husband devised a plan. The first orthopedic surgeon who treated Ivy did not deal with clubfoot regularly. So, they found an experienced doctor who helped her through thirteen rounds of casting, a tenotomy, and three months of 24X7 boots and bar wear.

The work of dealing with Ivy’s clubfoot has prepared her two older sisters for life in a unique way. From understanding how to answer strangers’ questions to the bedtime BNB routine, they matured in their understanding of clubfoot. They also realized there were things children with clubfoot may never experience.

Helping children in a unique way.

Ruth came across MiracleFeet in her research on clubfoot, and offered to help the team. “I was given a skill that might be useful,” she said. An attorney by trade, Ruth was looking for a meaningful way to use her skills to help children like Ivy who don’t have easy access to treatment. As a growing nonprofit organization, MiracleFeet is always looking to funnel more and more of the donations we receive directly to helping children, so services such as legal work are often cost-prohibitive. Ruth has generously offered her time and now consults our team on several important projects. We are so grateful!

We appreciate all of our donors and volunteers who find ways to give back in a creative and unique way.