ShoeWap: Clubfoot Shoe Resource

May 16, 2016

Providing a solution to a unique problem.

Are your little one’s feet not quite the same size? Are you an adult with different shaped feet due to clubfoot? ShoeWap gives parents the ability to buy, sell, and exchange mismatched pairs and single shoes. Lisa Sommerhuber, Co-Founder of ShoeWap, explains how the idea originated through her personal experience:

“My right foot is a wide 5 and my left is a narrow 4. This always turned shoe shopping into a frustrating marathon for me, and I often had to buy 2 pairs to get 1 that fits. One day, I found out that one of my closest friends had my opposite sizes and she loved my spare shoes! When I realized how many people share my frustration, I decided it was time to change our shared story. I want shoe shopping to be fun, social and affordable!“

Since the idea of a community platform was born in July 2016, first exchanges have been facilitated through the Facebook ShoeWap Community. By making fitting footwear more accessible, they hope to help maintain and improve foot health. The importance of a good fit should not be underestimated as badly fitting shoes may cause pain and worsen health complications.

“We believe that everybody deserves fitting shoes and an enjoyable shopping experience,” Lisa emphasizes.

Get swapping.

You can register your shoe needs and get matched with a shoe swapping buddy by creating a SoleMates profile. To get notified about odd shoe deals and when the marketplace launches sign up to the newsletter on