Nisha Varghese Raises Over $15,000 for MiracleFeet

August 02, 2018

Meet one of our most dedicated fundraisers!

Nisha Varghese did not have any connection to clubfoot, but one day when she was searching the web for charities making a sustainable impact, she stumbled upon the MiracleFeet website.

She immediately found the cause compelling and decided to dedicate her energy to raising money for clubfoot treatment. “I chose to help MiracleFeet because MiracleFeet focuses on a single, solvable problem,” Nisha said. “I believe all children, regardless of their socio-economic circumstances, deserve to live to their fullest potential without the hindrance of clubfoot.”

Nisha immediately took to social media, which is where she was able to raise the majority of the money. Friends and family also pitched in, hosting events to support her cause and help her reach her goal. It wasn’t just about the money, though. For Nisha, raising awareness of this low-cost, high-impact treatment was an important part of the process.

“I have no connection to clubfoot but I do have Cerebral Palsy, so I know how difficult it is not to be able to walk,” she explained. “I figured if I will never be able to walk, [I] might as well use my story to help children to walk.”

The determination fueling her efforts is truly inspiring. “I wanted to give other mothers what nobody will be able to give mine: a chance to see her child walk and run.”

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Ready to dive in and get fundraising? You can start a CrowdRise or Facebook campaign, host a birthday party, or run a race. Every donation makes a difference! Email us if you have questions about getting started.