MiracleFeet Racing

Jude-in-ShirtThe MiracleFeet Endurance Team is a group of athletes who run 5Ks, marathons, and other races in our honor. Read about our runners who together have raised thousands of dollars to treat kids with clubfoot around the world.

If you would like to run a race for MiracleFeet, please contact Ciara Corcoran, our Donor Engagement Manager, at info@miraclefeet.org. She’ll give you all the information you need and help you get your peer-to-peer fundraising site set up with CrowdRise!

  • Laurie Swansey: Laurie’s parents were told she would never walk when she was born with clubfoot. She now runs everything from sprint triathlons to Spartan Races! She ran her first marathon for MiracleFeet in 2014, raised over $4,000 for MiracleFeet.
  • Jennifer Kilinski: Jennifer defied all the odds after she was born with clubfoot and received the treatment she needed in the US. When she ran the Tallahassee Marathon in 2014, she raised over $3,000 for MiracleFeet and set a personal record!
  • Brian Paganelli: Brian took up running in 2006 and worked up to running marathons by 2012. Born with clubfoot, he was inspired to run the Rock’N’Run Marathon in 2013 for MiracleFeet, and raised $1,600!
  • Tony Spineto: Tony is an Ironman triathlete born with clubfoot who runs to be an inspiration for his son, who was also born with the condition. He ran the Ironman Arizona in 2012 and was able to raise enough to fully treat a child with MiracleFeet!
  • Tim Black: Tim was born with clubfoot and is now a high school teacher, marathoner, and cross-country coach! Tim raised over $3,000 for MiracleFeet when he ran the Canton Marathon in 2012.
  • Lauren Wall: Lauren Wall, a former MiracleFeet employee, was inspired to run three half-marathons in four weeks for MiracleFeet in 2012. She more than doubled her fundraising goal, pulling in over $2,000!