Business Insider Profiles Executive Director Chesca Colloredo-Mansfeld

October 07, 2019

Chesca Colloredo-Mansfeld at her home in Chapel Hill.Chesca Colloredo-Mansfeld’s path from Stanford Business School to eventually founding MiracleFeet is the top story in a digital exclusive on alternative, inspiring careers among top MBA grads.

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MBA grads of Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, and more share the unique career paths they took after business school — that didn’t end in finance or consulting

By Alana Pockros | Business Insider

People tend to get their MBA for the same reasons: career advancement, leadership training, and a strong network. But once MBA students graduate from school, there are many ways they can use their degrees.

According to statistics from Harvard Business School, financial services and consulting are the most popular paths for its graduates. Liz Chilla, the senior director of Emory University’s Goizueta Business School Career Management Center, told Business Insider that she’s “seen an increase in [students interested in] consulting” over the seven and a half years she’s worked in business education, in both admissions and counseling positions.

However, while consulting and finance jobs may be more popular than other options, they are by no means the only tracks business school students can take.

Business Insider spoke to five MBA graduates who used their degrees in unique ways, and have gone on to find great success in their respective sectors.

I became the cofounder and director of a nonprofit

While Chesca Colloredo-Mansfeld’s first job out of business school was rather typical for an MBA, consulting was never her end goal.