The Tech Awards Honors MiracleFeet

September 15, 2015

MiracleFeet Named Laureate

MiracleFeet is one of 10 innovators honored this year at The Tech Awards, a signature program of The Tech Museum of Innovation. They selected MiracleFeet as one of two laureates in the Katherine M. Swanson Young Innovator category.

“We are thrilled that the recognition of this award will enhance the work miraclefeet is doing and hopefully make the brace accessible to more children around the world – changing thousands of young lives in the process. Nothing is more exciting than the idea that our work may help kids run, walk and live active, happy lives. This award puts us another step closer,” says Lucy Topaloff, project coordinator for the brace at miraclefeet.

About the Tech Awards

The Tech Awards – Technology Benefiting Humanity is one of the top humanitarian awards programs in the world. Finalists and laureates are selected by a prestigious panel of judges made up of university faculty, leaders from educational and research institutions, industry representatives, and former laureates.

“The Tech Awards is an incredible honor. We hope this award will raise awareness about the MiracleFeet Brace and the importance of untreated clubfoot as a global problem,” says Ian Connolly, Stanford student and engineering lead for the MiracleFeet Brace.

Q&A with Chesca

How did the project come about?

When we initially collaborated with the Stanford, we knew that we wanted a brace for clubfoot treatment that was easy to apply and remove, and that was affordable. The design team worked hard to create a brace that is attractive, functional, and low-cost. After lots of back and forth with the designers and our collaborators at Clarks and Suncast, we can see the fruits of our hard work – and the boxes of purple braces have started to arrive at MiracleFeet headquarters!

What does the Award mean to MiracleFeet?

Our goal is to bring the brace to more patients, and the Tech Awards will help us reach our goal. Each of the ten laureates will receive a cash prize of $50,000 – a great way to help us roll out the brace to partner clinics.

The 15th annual gala of The Tech Awards – sometimes called the “Oscars of Silicon Valley” – will take place Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015.

We look forward to meeting the amazing innovators who have been honored, and sharing in the celebration.