Fundraise for MiracleFeet

People Power This Movement

People power our movement, raising funds and awareness through their everyday advocacy and efforts. Hosting a fundraiser is fun and impactful! It’s a great way to support our global work to ensure no child grows up with this treatable disability.

There are many ways that you can fundraise for MiracleFeet, and we’ve got all the tools in one place to help you get started.

Ways to Fundraise

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Host a Fundraiser

Raise awareness and support through the power of social media. Instead of gifts, your friends and family can make a donation to MiracleFeet. To get started, pick a platform to host your fundraiser:

Facebook  |  GoFundMe Charity  |  Evite


Small Businesses, Big Impact

Many family businesses have leveraged MiracleFeet’s high-impact cause to propel their brand and build community support. See how your business can support our mission of giving children mobility and independence for life. Contact our Fundraising team to get started.


Get Creative

Skip the gifts and host a fundraiser for an upcoming birthday or wedding. Every $500 raised provides complete clubfoot treatment for one child. Need more ideas or help getting started? Contact Emily Paranjape for help launching your campaign!

Fundraising Tips

Make the First Gift

Be the first donor to your campaign to show your friends and family how much you care about this issue.

Spread the Word

Send regular reminders and be vocal about your campaign on Facebook.

Give Thanks

Thank each person who donates and give your supporters shout outs throughout your campaign.