Dr. Isidor Ngayomala

April 08, 2015

Dr. Isidor Ngayomala, orthopedic surgeon at the Kamanga Medics Hospital in Mwanga, Tanzania, recently provided an overview of the program in Tanzania to a group of MiracleFeet supporters. The update was part of a broader presentation about MiracleFeet’s work, model, and mission, and Dr. Ngayomala shared his key perspective as a doctor working directly with children born with clubfoot.

Dr. Ngayomala was trained in the Ponseti Method in Uganda and was one of the early adopters in East Africa, bringing the method to Tanzania. The key challenges he faced included lack of trained providers, lack of materials, and no funding or support from local ministries or health agencies. MiracleFeet started supporting two clinics in Tanzania in 2015, and the program has grown to 30+ clinics, has trained more than 100 providers, and is treating over half all babies born with clubfoot in the country. In addition to treating clubfoot, the Tanzania program also provides parent education, and community outreach and awareness-raising.