Cause for Celebration: Chinecherem’s Transformation

November 20, 2023

“I couldn’t bear to look at her condition,” Chineyere admits, remembering when her daughter, Chinecherem, was born with two curved feet. “It really made me ashamed.” As the rumours and gossip grew, Chinecherem’s parents searched tirelessly for a remedy to her clubfoot. They observed prayers and fasting, rubbed Chinecherem’s legs with olive oil, herbs, and ointments, but nothing improved her feet. Until 2019, when Chinecherem was already 8 years old, Chineyere saw a flyer advertising a solution for clubfoot. She called the phone number and was connected to Dr. Uche, a medical doctor at The Straight Child Foundation, MiracleFeet’s partner in Nigeria. It was just the beginning of Chinecherem’s transformation.