MiracleFeet Begins Supporting Clubfoot Treatment in Mali

July 26, 2018

MiracleFeet is excited to begin sponsoring clubfoot treatment in Mali! Alongside partner Association de Solidarité aux Enfants atteints de Malformation du Pied (ASEMP) Mali, we will support two clinics near Bamako in the southwest region of the country.

Child stands outside looking up at CNAOM sign in Bamako Mali
ASEMP, founded in 2016 and based in Bamako, shares MiracleFeet’s goal of building a future where children can walk and run freely without the pain of disability. Following the 2012 coup in Mali, however, the healthcare system suffered. Parents had to pay out of pocket for their children’s health expenses, which often proved to be a tremendous burden. In the case of clubfoot clinics, many families were unable to continue coming to regular appointments because of the cost and duration of treatment, resulting in a 20% relapse rate.

By providing refresher Ponseti training, supporting clinics with technology like CAST to improve monitoring and evaluation, and assisting with parent education and outreach, MiracleFeet hopes to help improve outcomes for clubfoot treatment in Mali. There is a great need, as Bamako is a growing city and the country has not previously had a national clubfoot program. We look forward to a fruitful partnership as we work towards ending clubfoot disability in Mali.