New Country Announcement: The Gambia

January 25, 2019

We are excited to announce our newest partnership with The Gambia Clubfoot Foundation and to begin supporting treatment for children born with clubfoot in this West African country.

Since 2017, The Gambia Clubfoot Foundation has been working to raise awareness of clubfoot and treat children born with the condition. Historically, the healthcare system in The Gambia has focused primarily on infectious diseases and, as a result, most children born with clubfoot have not received proper treatment.Purple map of West Africa showing The Gambia in orange

The dedicated team in The Gambia is committed to reaching more children and, with MiracleFeet’s assistance, will have access to resources needed for training, technology, community outreach, and more. MiracleFeet will support two clinics and train ten new providers this fiscal year, with plans to expand as we assist The Gambia Clubfoot Foundation in building capacity.

This small West African nation surrounded almost entirely by Senegal gained its independence in 1965 and has a population of just over 2 million. The majority of Gambians work farming the land and the high fertility rate means the population is very young. Empowering local providers to treat clubfoot in The Gambia means a healthier future for children born there.

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