MiracleFeet Accredited Charity Through BBB

February 07, 2019

MiracleFeet is proud to be an accredited charity through the Better Business Bureau’s BBB Wise Giving Alliance (WGA).

What does it mean to be an accredited charity and what are the standards a nonprofit must meet to make the list? And more importantly, how is this designation helpful to donors?


In order for a charity to make the cut and be designated as accredited, it must meet a list of twenty standards. These standards fall into four categories: governance & oversight, measuring effectiveness, finances, and fundraising & informational materials.

The WGA carefully evaluates each charity and only those that meet all twenty standards make the list.

Why WGA Accreditation Matters

ConsumersAdvocate.org, an online source of consumer research and reviews, outlined why WGA accreditation is important to many donors. Unlike many other charity watchdog websites who evaluate nonprofits only on their annual 990s, WGA’s standards are more in-depth and don’t rely solely on numbers to tell the story of an organization’s impact.

For example, there are standards about how frequently board meetings are held, how fundraising materials disclose privacy policies, and what information should be included in an annual report, in addition to strict guidelines about what percentage of the budget is spent on programs and fundraising.

MiracleFeet’s Commitment to Transparency

MiracleFeet values transparency, making yearly financial statements available on our website and aiming to provide prospective donors with a thorough picture of our organization’s work. After all, according to GrantSpace, there are 1.5 million 501(c)(3) organizations in the United States! Charitable giving has increased nearly every year since 1977 and in 2017, Americans gave just over $410 billion to charities. (See more statistics here.)

Discerning which organizations will make the most impact with your gift is more important than ever.