Milestones from Start-up to Scale: Our Global Impact in 2019

November 26, 2019
Chesca Colloredo-Mansfeld
Board Member (USA)

Our Global Impact in 2019

As we embark on MiracleFeet’s 10th year, I reflect on the scale of change we achieved in the past year alone. In just nine years, MiracleFeet has scaled the proven solution for clubfoot to 27 countries. We have reached over 40,000 children—and, in some countries, like Paraguay, Sri Lanka and Liberia, 70 percent coverage of those in need.

We are at a turning point in solving this neglected problem.

In 2005, fewer than 500 children in all low- and middle-income countries combined received proper clubfoot treatment. 500 total—from any NGO, clinic, or provider—of the 157,000 born with clubfoot annually in these regions. Last year, over 70 times as many were treated in the same countries.

We know it’s possible to deliver treatment to every child born with this preventable disability globally. Clubfoot is a problem we know how to solve for a child before they learn how to walk, and I believe it’s a problem we can solve for the world in our lifetimes.

The year-over-year growth in clinics all over the world providing this treatment is astounding and yet completely rational: the method works; it is low-cost; many types of health workers can learn and provide the technique; and it is ideally suited to low resource environments. What’s needed now is large-scale awareness, funding, coordination, and partnership.

Do I believe we can reach millions? Yes, now more than ever. The potential to eliminate a major disability from the planet is real.

MiracleFeet is at the forefront of this movement. As the largest global organization solely focused on bringing clubfoot treatment to every child who needs it—we are building the treatment network, training local providers, and securing the public health partnerships, facilities and supply chains required to ensure all babies born with this preventable disability, everywhere, will eventually access care.

In our 2019 Impact Report, I hope you see the scale of change that we—MiracleFeet, together with our partners, donors, and supporters—are catalyzing for so many worldwide. Thank you for helping us give so many children life-long mobility and opportunity.