External Evaluation Showcases Our Remarkable Impact

December 14, 2023

Driven by a desire to learn from and improve our program benefits for the children and families we serve, MiracleFeet regularly analyzes program results and connects with parents to ensure we are continually finding new ways to make quality clubfoot treatment more available, accessible, and effective in transforming lives.

MiracleFeet has partnered with the social impact measurement firm 60_decibels since 2019 to gather and analyze feedback on a wide range of issues presented by parents and caregivers of children treated with the Ponseti Method in MiracleFeet-supported clinics around the world. These survey results have led to greater transportation subsidies in select areas, additional education and outreach efforts to improve long-term outcomes through adherence in the bracing phase, and other initiatives tailored to barriers and opportunities revealed by the findings. In collaboration with our country partners, we dive deep into the results and decide together how to strengthen programs and benefits.

From initial phone surveys focusing primarily on parent satisfaction, MiracleFeet and 60_decibels have worked together to fine-tune our questions and analytical lenses to gain increasingly relevant and actionable information informing program operational decisions that enhance efficiency and impact. So far, respondents include 2,656 caregivers of patients who were treated in MiracleFeet-supported clinics in eleven countries: Bangladesh, India, Liberia, Madagascar, Nicaragua, Paraguay, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, and one country kept confidential for data privacy reasons. Innovations in recent years and for 2024 are yielding insights into the emotional journey of parents throughout the discovery and treatment process and the longer-term implications for children such as school enrollment.

In addition to identifying areas to grow and build on, top-level results reinforce that MiracleFeet and our partners are providing quality care. Overall, caregivers consistently report a strong positive impact on their child’s life after undergoing clubfoot treatment.

Survey findings, especially from open-ended questions, also reveal challenges frequently faced by families in finding and completing treatment. The most frequently reported issues include long travel times and distances to reach care, as well as the costs of transportation. Drawing from these and other findings, we work closely with partners to anticipate and address these issues before they arise in new contexts. In many countries we are now providing travel subsidies, transportation assistance, or mobile services, and we continue to innovate, alongside our partners, to best support families during the entire treatment process.   

“He’s a really smart kid. He dances all the time. His foot no longer limits him!”

Caregiver in Madagascar

MiracleFeet consistently strives to achieve the highest impact possible in alignment with our mission to end the disability caused by untreated clubfoot. Regularly conducting this external analysis validates the impact providing high-quality clubfoot treatment has on children’s lives and encourages new learning for greater growth.