External Evaluations Showcase MiracleFeet’s Remarkable Impact

January 23, 2023

Driven by a desire to understand the long-term effects of our programs on the children and families we serve, MiracleFeet contracted impact measurement firm 60_decibels to evaluate outcomes and experiences of caregivers whose children have received gold-standard treatment for clubfoot through MiracleFeet programs in nine countries over the past four years (2019 – 2022). The mixed-method evaluation analyzed responses from phone interviews with 2,051 caregivers of patients who were treated by MiracleFeet’s partner hospitals and clinics in India, Nicaragua, Paraguay, the Philippines, Uganda, Tanzania, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and a ninth country kept confidential by agreement with the partner and Ministry of Health.

“My child can now walk properly, play with other children, and run without feeling any pain.”

Caregiver in Uganda

The results were extremely positive. Overall, caregivers reported a strong positive impact on their child’s life after undergoing clubfoot treatment.

The findings also revealed challenges families face in finding and completing treatment. The most frequently reported include long wait times at clinics, long travel times and distances to find care, and issues with the foot abduction brace used to maintain the foot correction and prevent relapse. Drawing from these findings, we now anticipate these issues and work closely with partners to address them within the specific context and circumstances. In many areas we are providing travel subsidies, transportation assistance or mobile services, and have made the MiracleFeet brace available to all partners.    

Caregivers report strong satisfaction with treatment outcomes across all nine countries over the four years of conducting these surveys suggesting that MiracleFeet’s model and the Ponseti method are both highly effective and inherently scalable.

MiracleFeet consistently strives to achieve the highest impact possible in alignment with our mission to end the disability caused by untreated clubfoot. This external review validates the impact providing high-quality clubfoot treatment has on children’s lives.

We plan to expand our external impact evaluation efforts and gather more detailed and specific data in future studies, especially in countries where we have worked for many years and have a broad set of patient experiences to pull from.