2023 Provider Survey Findings 

January 22, 2024

Providers working in MiracleFeet supported clinics are, quite literally, the hands and hearts behind our important shared mission. Globally, MiracleFeet works with about 1200 Providers, including doctors, rehabilitation professionals and other health workers. Strengthening the public health workforce is a key priority, and therefore more than 70% of partner clinics are based in government hospitals. 

In 2023, we reached out to providers who shared their contact details to learn more about their work. More than half responded (231 providers), with feedback coming from every region where MiracleFeet works. The highest number of respondents came from the Philippines (50), followed by Sierra Leone (24) and Nigeria (20). 

Provider Survey Respondents were 40% doctors (mainly orthopedic surgeons) and 43% rehabilitation workers (mainly physiotherapists) with certain countries displaying strong inclination towards one cadre over the other (for example, clubfoot treatment in Bangladesh, Tanzania, and Uganda is primarily carried out by rehabilitation professionals).  

Happily, 99% of respondents report that collaborating with MiracleFeet has improved their ability to treat clubfoot, and 98% say they are likely to recommend collaboration with MiracleFeet to others. One way we collaborate is by providing formal clinical training directly and through our partners, demonstrated by the 80% of respondents reported that they received training in the Ponseti method thanks to MiracleFeet support.

Clinic Day
MiracleFeet in Abia

The Provider Survey allows MiracleFeet to look more closely at program and partner interventions that may be necessary for clinic-level improvements. For example, while 93% of respondents said their clinic was well equipped, only 74% of respondents said that regular clinical mentorship happens, an area where MiracleFeet continues to invest to promote ongoing professional learning. Indeed, 95% of providers who received clinical mentorship report that it has improved their practice. The survey also gave further insights into challenges facing clinics such as the availability of doctors for tenotomies, staff turnover, and the need for more early detection efforts and parent support.  

This, and every year, MiracleFeet’s Provider Survey feedback will enrich our work, helping us troubleshoot challenges and hear directly from the hands at the heart of our work. 

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