Fabiola Florero

Program Manager, LATAM (Bolivia)

Fabiola joins MiracleFeet with nearly two decades of expertise addressing the needs of vulnerable populations. Her skills encompass program design and implementation, program quality improvement, and organizational capacity strengthening, all aimed at enhancing organizational effectiveness and sustainability. Fabiola has actively contributed to initiatives related to HIV/AIDS, child rights and protection, preventing sexually exploitation, and diverse gender-based empowerment programs. Throughout her professional journey, Fabiola has held key roles at Defense for Children International, Save the Children, Asociación Vivo en Positivo (a non-profit organization in Cochabamba, Bolivia), and the Human Development Institute. In each role, she has developed a profound understanding of participatory and community engagement approaches in program design and implementation. Fabiola holds a Master’s degree in strategic management from San Simón Bolivian University, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Catholic University of Cochabamba, Bolivia. In 2014, she received recognition from the Legislative Assembly of Deputies Bolivian State – Human Rights Committee for her significant contribution to the defense of human rights for vulnerable populations, including promoting the formulation of laws and programs. When not orchestrating impactful programs, Fabiola finds solace in the rhythm of swimming and the sweet harmony of baking with her family.