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Providers in Tanzania were first trained in the Ponseti Method by leaders in the global health movement of clubfoot treatment in 2008. Despite the training, providers found that it was difficult to obtain national coverage for clubfoot treatment because of the lack of materials in public hospitals, the inability of families to purchase materials, and the cost of travel to weekly clinics. MiracleFeet began partnering with the Bugando Clubfoot Care Program (BCCP) in 2013 and Usa River Clubfoot Program in 2014. In 2015, these programs formed an organization called Tanzania Clubfoot Care Organization (TCCO), which is a consortium of like-minded clubfoot providers and thought leaders from around the country. Their vision is that all children in Tanzania receive quality clubfoot treatment. MiracleFeet provides support to clinics in the Lake, Southern Highlands, and Northern Zones.


Lake Zone:

    • Bugando Medical Center
    • Bunda
    • Dodoma
    • Geita
    • Itigi
    • Kagondo (St. Joseph’s Hospital)
    • Kahama Hospital District Hospital
    • Nyakahanga District Hospital (Karagwe)
    • Sekou Toure
    • Sengerema District Hospital
    • Shinyanga
    • Shirati Hospital
    • Singida
    • Tabora

Coastal Zone:

  • Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT), Dar es Salaam

Northern Zone:

  • KCMC
  • Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, Kilimanjaro Region
  • Machame
  • Mbulu (Hydom Lutheran Hospital)
  • Monduli Hospital
  • Plasterhouse
  • Same
  • Usa River Rehabilitation Centre, Arusha Region

Southern Zone:

  • Chunya
  • Ifakara
  • Ikonda
  • Inuka
  • Iringa Regional Hospital
  • Mbeya Zonal Regional Hospital
  • Mbozi
  • Mpanda
  • Peramiho
  • Songea
  • Sumbawanga

Coastal Zone:

  • CCBRT/Dar
  • CCBRT/Moshi
  • Kibaha
  • Morogoro
  • Ndanda


MiracleFeet Program Manager: Marieke Dreise

BCCP Medical Director: Dr. Isidor Ngayomela

TCCO Coordinator: Dr. Rachel Nungu

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