MiracleFeet’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Racism and discrimination in all forms is an intolerable and pervasive threat to health and the overall well-being of an individual which includes but is not limited to emotional, physical, and mental health. Racism and discrimination contribute to persistent inequities around the world across lines of color, culture, ethnicity, religion, education, class, and other identity factors.

MiracleFeet exists to transform the lives of vulnerable children and their families and to address inequities in healthcare globally, but we recognize that our mission does not exempt us from taking additional actions in the pursuit of equity. Well-meaning global health organizations often perpetuate racial inequity through colonial and/or patronizing attitudes which tend to disregard the voices of those who are most affected by these inequities. How we work is as important as what we accomplish—and we recognize that we can and must embody MiracleFeet’s core values of justice, integrity, collaboration, and ambition—the foundation of who we are as an organization.

Dismantling systems of oppression requires intentional and sustained efforts. We are dedicated to continuously scrutinizing our entire organization, actively seeking opportunities for changes that align with MiracleFeet’s core values. More specifically, we will strive to eliminate bias, reevaluate, and reconstruct policies and practices that disadvantage people who have been historically marginalized, and build an organizational culture that actively promotes equity. We acknowledge that this work is ongoing and evolving, and we need to approach this multi-dimensional challenge with intention and discipline to make meaningful progress.

We commit to promoting diversity and inclusion by creating a workplace that reflects the rich, layered, and varied cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and religious backgrounds of our staff and partners. We strive to create a workplace where all individuals feel welcome, valued, respected, and included, and have the power to contribute their unique perspectives and experiences regardless of their identity or background. The MiracleFeet leadership team will be accountable for modeling our core values in their work and interactions with all staff and partners.

We commit to educating ourselves through training, professional development, and shared resources to enhance our ability to listen, learn, and make space for difficult, honest, and open conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Knowledge will help equip us to become better agents for change as we strive to tackle biases and inequities in our workplace, communities, and homes.

For more information about our ongoing organizational efforts, please contact Tameka Davis.