Medical Champions Are at the Heart of Our Movement

MiracleFeet’s story may have started with parents and entrepreneurs in the United States, but the global uptake of the Ponseti method has always been driven by its medical champions—orthopedic surgeons and physiotherapists—in countries where the multigenerational burden of untreated clubfoot demanded a better solution than surgery.

From a movement born by a pioneering team in Uganda in the early 2000s, to the master practitioners and trainers MiracleFeet partners with today—clubfoot progress has happened because of local medical champions in dozens of countries. From Somalia and Nepal to Brazil, Zimbabwe and the Philippines, their outreach, research and practice has advanced the success of the Ponseti method around the world, led to adaptions in reaching older children with untreated clubfoot, and increased government awareness and support for clubfoot services as an essential public health intervention to prevent lifelong disability.

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50,000th Clubfoot Baby
Dra. Jéssica Tumbaco traumatóloga pediatra
Dra. Tumbaco colocando yesos

Through this powerful network, MiracleFeet has supported training for over 4,000 providers in clubfoot treatment in 30+ countries since 2011.


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