Brace Sensor Study

The need: With the development of the MiracleFeet Brace in 2013 came the need to answer the question: Does our brace stand up against other AFOs used in clubfoot treatment? In addition, bracing compliance is the biggest obstacle to successful treatment. Many children do not wear the brace as prescribed and thus are at risk of relapse.  

MiracleFeet partnered with the Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay to conduct a brace sensor study that would provide data to help us improve treatment outcomes. Sensors were inserted into both MiracleFeet and Steenbeek braces. The sensors collect data such as how often the brace is worn and for how long. 

Progress to date: The data collection for this study began in June 2017 and will run through June 2018. Patients at Wadia Hospital in Mumbai participate.  

What’s next: At the end of June 2018, the data will be organized and analyzed. This process will take about six months, after which we’ll decide whether to integrate the data with CAST.