A Wild Dream

Over ten years ago, a group of doctors and parents realized that a simple medical breakthrough could change millions of lives forever.

Activists, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists who believed that no child should grow up with a with a treatable condition came together to tackle one of the most overlooked causes of physical disability in the world. They created MiracleFeet to end clubfoot disability in our lifetimes.

We’ve come a long way since forming our first partnership in Brazil—and we’re just getting started. 

Watch: 10 years in 3 minutes

10+ Years Transforming Lives: MiracleFeet’s Journey

We are mobilizing children for life.

Today, up to 8 million people who were born with clubfoot live with its disability because they could not access appropriate treatment. MiracleFeet is on a mission to change that. To ensure every family can reach the highly-effective care that allows children to reach their full potential and enjoy active, independent lives.

MiracleFeet, with local healthcare providers and governments, is bringing the low-cost, nonsurgical standard of care to dozens of countries through a growing network of clinics worldwide.

Clubfoot is a problem we can solve.

Every three minutes

a child is born with clubfoot. Only 1 in 5 will receive treatment.

Your support helps us change that.