From Orphanage to Classroom in Indonesia: Rama’s Story

October 16, 2018

Six-year-old Rama came to our partner clinic at Stepping Stones Bali with a relapse of unilateral clubfoot. Rama had a large scar on the bottom inside of his foot which was left from an earlier attempt to treat his clubfoot surgically when he was small. After the surgery, there was no aftercare provided and Rama experienced a relapse.

Rama befor

Rama has experienced many difficulties in his childhood that have made finding quality Ponseti treatment challenging. After his father died several years ago, his mother was unable to cope with life as a widow as well as managing Rama’s care, and she left him in an orphanage. Fortunately, his grandparents stepped in, determined to help the child find treatment to help his relapsed foot.

Rama after treatment, sitting on a blue carpet

Rama traveled by bus to the clinic at Stepping Stones, a four-hour journey from the orphanage. He came with other patients with clubfoot from Paspadi Bali, an NGO that helps nearly 5,000 people living with physical disability in Bali and eastern Indonesia. At Stepping Stones, he was able to complete treatment with a series of casts, as well as receive proper instructions for aftercare with bracing.

His grandparents are hopeful that Rama is now on the right path, with his foot corrected, and will be able to walk to attend primary school in a few months. They describe him as very smart and are excited to see what future opportunities will be available to their grandson after he receives an education.

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