Erna Receives Clubfoot Treatment in Indonesia

December 05, 2018

Two-year-old Erna recently completed treatment for a case of bilateral clubfoot. Thanks to our partners at Stepping Stones Bali who convinced Erna’s family to make the three-hour journey to the clinic, this little girl is now enjoying a childhood free from the pain and stigma of clubfoot disability.erna before treatment

It wasn’t an easy journey for Erna, however, and not just because of the long travel time to the clinic. Staff from Stepping Stones first met Erna shortly after she was born. They shared with the family that Erna’s condition could be treated and encouraged her parents to bring the infant to the clinic to begin casting.

erna in her bracesLike many families who live in rural areas throughout the world, Erna’s family was not sure they trusted the Ponseti method to help their child. It wasn’t until nearly two years after that initial meeting that they brought Erna in to be evaluated. She moved through the casting process and today is in the bracing phase of treatment.

Erna’s mother is happy with the results of her daughter’s treatment and now has faith that the Ponseti method can effectively treat clubfoot. Clinic staff hopes that this experience will persuade the family to bring Erna’s older sister, who has unilateral clubfoot, back to the clinic for treatment.

It can be more difficult for families like Erna’s, who live in a rural part of Indonesia, to find treatment for clubfoot and other health conditions. Read more inspiring stories from Indonesia.