Finding Clubfoot Treatment in a Refugee Camp: Dita’s Story

October 09, 2018

When four-year-old Dita was born with bilateral clubfoot in Indonesia, her mother was scared for the child’s future. The midwife who delivered the child saw Dita’s feet turned inward and upward but didn’t know about clubfoot or what she could do to help the family. She referred them to the nearest hospital. Unfortunately, the hospital told the family that the condition could not be treated until the child was seven years old!

Dita’s mother trusted the team at the hospital. She didn’t know anything about clubfoot, especially that she could have Dita treated right away, and she didn’t have the means to travel outside their remote community on the island of Bali. So, for four years, the little girl lived with clubfoot.

Then, in late 2017, another event that would transform the life of Dita and her family took place: the Mount Agung volcano began erupting. 100,000 people were told to evacuate. The volcano, on the eastern side of the island of Bali and very close to where the family lived, was causing earthquakes and mudslides and making the area too dangerous to stay in.

Suddenly, Dita and her family were refugees. For five months, until it was safe to return to their village, the family lived in a refugee camp. Despite the tragedy of the volcano and the uncertainty it brought, it was in the refugee camp that Dita met a representative from Stepping Stones Bali. Stepping Stones is MiracleFeet’s partner in Indonesia, and they were active in assisting the refugee camp at that time.

The partner saw Dita’s clubfoot and immediately knew that Stepping Stones could help the little girl. In March of 2018, Dita enrolled in treatment at the clinic in Bali where she began the casting phase. Today she proudly shows off her feet and is glad to be able to run around like other children her age.

Thanks to this treatment, Dita’s childhood will be full of running and playing. Read more about MiracleFeet’s work treating clubfoot in Indonesia.