Partners in Bali Help Ali Find Clubfoot Treatment

March 07, 2019

Ali is one of the 6,000 children born with clubfoot each year in Indonesia.

Thanks to our partners at Stepping Stones Bali who helped Ali find clubfoot treatment, this active three-year-old is now able to walk and run uninhibited by the disability of untreated clubfoot.

Ali and his family are from Java, but his parents were having difficulty finding work, so they traveled to Bali. Ali’s father works at a screen-printing company and his mother stays at home to take care of Ali and his older sister. Before they moved to Bali, Ali’s family was very worried because there was no treatment available for him in Java. Nobody else in the family had ever had clubfoot and they weren’t sure where to go.

Fortunately, Ali’s parents were able to find information about clubfoot on social media. They learned more about the condition and found out it was treatable. Then, after going to Bali, they met our partners at Stepping Stones and learned that Ali could receive free treatment at the MiracleFeet-supported clinic.

After two years of desperation and fear, Ali’s parents finally felt hope about their son’s future. He enrolled in treatment at MiracleFeet’s partner clinic and began the casting process.

Ali’s mother was overjoyed as she watched her son’s feet transform with each casting. “Every time I see a change in my child’s feet, I always want to cry,” she said.

Today Ali is able to run freely and play with his friends, and his family is so happy with the results of treatment.

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