Ghilda Chrabieh

Deputy Director of Programs (Canada)

Ghilda is a professional with over two decades of extensive work in both the corporate world and the aid and development sector. Her expertise encompasses program management, operational functions, organizational structures, and risk management across diverse countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia. Proficient in leading cross-cultural teams, Ghilda’s professional journey has been shaped by a childhood spent in Lebanon and subsequent experiences living and working globally. Having contributed significantly to renowned organizations like Mercy Corps, Bridging the Divide (an NGO), and Gray Mackenzie Retail Group, Ghilda holds a BA degree in accounting and finance from the Lebanese University in Beirut. She is proficient in multiple languages, including Arabic, French, and Spanish. A seasoned practitioner, Ghilda is deeply committed to infusing positivity, hope, and impactful change into the world.