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About Our Work

In July of 2018,  MiracleFeet began partnering with Association de Solidarité aux Enfants atteints de Malformation du Pied (ASEMP) Mali to sponsor two clinics in the Bamako region of Mali. ASEMP was founded in 2016 to assist children with physical disabilities and rebuild the clubfoot program following the unrest in Mali in 2012. Cost and duration of treatment are major obstacles, resulting in a 20% relapse rate.

MiracleFeet will provide resources to strengthen treatment programs, including Ponseti refresher training, community outreach and parent education resources, and a mobile data collection system (CAST).


  • CNAO Mali 
  • CSR Soundiata


MiracleFeet Program Manager: Noé Rajerison

ASEMP Mali President: Cheick Traoré