Extraordinary Impact.

A $500 treatment provides lifelong mobility. It’s one of best investments in child health.

A common birth defect overlooked for decades in many parts of the world, clubfoot can be corrected without surgery in a few weeks. We partner with health workers in 30 countries to bring the low-cost solution to families who need it today—and for generations.

4 out of 5 children with clubfoot need our help.

Children with disabilities are vulnerable to hunger, neglect, violence, physical and sexual abuse, and poverty in many parts of the world. With a $500 treatment, a child born with clubfoot can move and play without pain or stigma, go to school, enjoy sports or new hobbies, and pursue the same opportunities as their peers — for life. Few investments have this kind of impact.

62,000 children have received the treatment they need to experience independence and opportunity for life through our work.

98% of parents interviewed in external evaluations say their child’s quality of life has improved because of the care they received from MiracleFeet’s medical partners.

Parents of children like Whitney & Nakato, sisters born with clubfoot in Uganda. Their story is one of thousands we hear every year that affirms the life-changing difference this essential health service makes for children and entire families.

Millions of people have struggled to find clubfoot treatment.

We are on a mission to ensure that one day—in our lifetimes—no child is left behind by this preventable disability.

People power this movement

Individuals fund over half of our work to bring sustainable clubfoot treatment to children in low-income countries. Your support matters.

A gift that lasts a lifetime