Donate your Brace

MiracleFeet recently made the difficult decision to no longer accept donated boots and bars, AFOs, or orthotics. This is primarily because we are now able to produce the low-cost MiracleFeet brace at scale which we can ship directly from our manufacturer to clinics. This ensures that all families receive the same brace and the process is easier for our supported clinics to manage.

Thank you to everyone who has donated in the past! It was immensely helpful. We are excited that we are now able to provide new, low-cost braces designed specifically to withstand the kinds of conditions found in low income countries.

There are several good options for donating used boots and bars that will help families internationally or in the United States:

You can donate used orthotics to:

Matthew 25 Ministries
11060 Kenwood Road
Blue Ash, OH 45242

Or, speak with your clubfoot care provider about donating your boots and bars to another family in need in your community.