Every three minutes a child is born with clubfoot. 95% can be treated for life.

INSEAD Fundraiser

A message from the organizers

Our goal is to raise maximum awareness and charity for the fight against clubfoot so that we can help MiracleFeet to eliminate this disability worldwide.

We are a community of MBA students and staff at INSEAD Business School in France. In February, our MBA cohort was tasked with working on and presenting a strategic plan for MiracleFeet’s growth in new geographies.

To many of us, it was the first time we had heard about clubfoot. We were alarmed by the fact that over two million children under 10 are living with this disability, and that in most cases it is completely treatable! In countries with developed economies, we typically don’t see this disability as there is sufficient awareness in society and children are treated soon after birth. However, in emerging economies there is a lack of awareness, a lack of access to treatment, and significant social stigma surrounding the disease.

Please help us by donating what you can to help eradicate this disability worldwide.

We want to get involved in helping MiracleFeet to achieve its mission. In order to do this, we have set up a challenge for participants to run a certain distance every day for 10 days (May 14-23). The daily distance is chosen by the participant, and will vary between 3km and 20km per day. All runs will be logged on Strava.

About MiracleFeet

MiracleFeet is eliminating a major disability worldwide. A common birth defect overlooked for decades in many parts of the world, clubfoot can be corrected without surgery in just a few weeks. We partner with health workers in 29 countries to bring the low-cost solution to children who need it today—and for generations.

Individuals fund over half of MiracleFeet’s work. Together, we have reached over 54,000 children with treatment they need to experience mobility, independence, and opportunity for life.

Our average cost to treat a child with clubfoot is $481. Few investments have this kind of impact.

"I’ve watched MiracleFeet transform lives

…and it’s thrilling.”

Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times

About MiracleFeet