COVID-19 Resources for MiracleFeet Partners

Providers, please refer to this edition of our partner newsletter to see the results of the critical COVID needs survey.

MiracleFeet has closely monitored local conditions and COVID-related protocols with partners. Together, over the past several months, we devised reopening procedures, including increased safety precautions at facilities to ensure providers can safely offer patients treatment. MiracleFeet-supported clinics are subject to local government and hospital/facility-level safety procedures in response to coronavirus, and decisions to reopen must comply with those policies, as well.

Promoting safety at clinics

How to safely treat patients

Prioritizing treatment for patients

MiracleFeet recommends that the following children be given priority when scheduling patients return visits:

Supporting families and caregivers

The following list of resources provide additional guidance on how to provide safe treatment during the ongoing pandemic:

Covid-19 impact on clubfoot treatment, global response and recovery +

Webinar by international experts and GCI

Led by international experts and GCI members, this webinar discusses how COVID-19 has impacted clubfoot treatment worldwide, how services can respond and adapt, and considerations for service recovery planning.

View webinar

COVID-19 Prevention Infographics +

Available in 99 languages

Information on COVID-19 preventions in multiple languages that can be posted in waiting rooms and community centers.

COVID-19 Prevention Infographics

Coronavirus Disease Programme +

Free course offered by Physiopedia

A free course offered by Physiopedia introduces coronavirus and its impact including advice on infection prevention. It also explains the role physiotherapists play in managing issues related to COVID-19 from case identification, limiting transmission in different clinical settings, and treating patients with mild, moderate, and severe symptoms.

Coronavirus Disease Programme

GCI Resource Center +

Multiple resources from International clubfoot experts with guidance for treating clubfoot during COVID-19, including videos of stretches that can be done at home and advice for families.

GCI Resource Center