Every three minutes a child is born with clubfoot. 95% can be treated for life.

MiracleFeet is eliminating a major disability worldwide. A common birth defect overlooked for decades in many parts of the world, clubfoot can be corrected without surgery in just a few weeks. We partner with health workers in 29 countries to bring the low-cost solution to children who need it today—and for generations.

MiracleFeet’s average cost to treat a child with clubfoot is $480.

Individuals fund over half of our work. Together, we are reaching those most at risk of being left behind with the treatment they need to experience mobility, independence, and opportunity for life. Few investments have this kind of impact.

Four out of five children are at risk of not receiving care without our work.

"I’ve watched MiracleFeet transform lives

…and it’s thrilling.”

Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times

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