External Evaluation Validates MiracleFeet’s Model and Impact

MiracleFeet programs significantly outperform industry benchmarks

Driven by a desire to understand the long-term effects of our programs on the children, families, and healthcare providers we serve, MiracleFeet partnered with Acumen-founded Lean Data (now 60 Decibels) in late 2018 to conduct an in-depth external evaluation of three long-running programs in Tanzania, India, and the Philippines. The results (from interviews with 470 guardians and 70 providers) were extremely positive, indicating levels of impact and consistency rarely seen by Lean Data.

MiracleFeet exceeded, and in some cases nearly doubled, benchmarks of client satisfaction and success from Lean Data’s portfolio of 300+ evaluations for leading organizations, like the Omidyar Network, World Bank, UKAID, and many others.

“The level of consistency in MiracleFeet’s results is one of the highest we’ve seen.”

Acumen’s outgoing Chief Innovation Officer Sasha Dichter, now head of their spin-off, 60 Decibels, said “We’ve done more than 300 projects, and to have 98% of your beneficiaries say that ‘the intervention you did worked’—and to report such high levels of satisfaction, with uniformity across very different countries and contexts—was quite notable. The level of consistency in MiracleFeet’s results is one of the highest we’ve seen.”

  • 98% of guardians interviewed say their child’s quality of life has improved due to the treatment they received
  • 94% of patients are always able to walk without difficulty or assistance
  • Our aggregate Net Promoter Score was 83 from families and healthcare providers in the evaluation—outperforming the Lean Data portfolio average of 42. (Apple, Amazon, and Netflix—brands that consistently score well for customer service—have Net Promoter Scores between 64-66.)
  • Over 80% of local providers say their ability to treat clubfoot has significantly improved and they would not be able to replace MiracleFeet’s training.

Measures of family and provider satisfaction, as well as treatment success were high and uniform across countries studied—suggesting MiracleFeet’s model and the Ponseti Method are both highly effective and inherently scalable. This external review validates our model and the extreme impact that providing high-quality clubfoot treatment has on children’s lives.

PDF imageOverview of Key Findings & Results (PDF) | Full Evaluation (PDF)

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