Seeing the Scale of Our Work…in Basketball

It’s March Madness season and whether you don Carolina blue for UNC or cheer on the Duke Blue Devils, basketball news is probably in your feed and—particularly for Cameron Crazies and Tarheels—top of mind.

At MiracleFeet, we try not to take sides on the court, but we are pretty fanatical about helping people understand the life-changing long-term impact of our work and mission to end clubfoot disability. As we hit a new milestone this month, we thought this uplifting visual would give everyone a reason to cheer:

Since 2010, MiracleFeet-supported clinics have enrolled over 36,000 children in treatment across 26 countries. Did you know that would exceed the capacity of both Cameron Indoor Stadium and the Dean Dome, combined?

Our partners and patients are cheering, too—and our winning record keeps getting better: A recent third-party impact evaluation of MiracleFeet’s work, conducted by Acumen-founded Lean Data, offers remarkable proof that our approach works and changes lives:

  • 94% of 470 guardians surveyed reported their child can walk without difficulty or assistance—and 98% say their child’s quality of life has improved due to the treatment they received.
  • Measures of patient satisfaction and treatment success were also remarkably high and uniform across countries studied—evidence that MiracleFeet’s model and the Ponseti Method are both highly effective and scalable.

We’re proud of all we’ve accomplished in the past nine years. Children like Ashley from Nicaragua and Matinde from Tanzania no longer face uncertain futures as a result of the devastating disability caused by clubfoot.

We can’t wait to share more about the global impact of MiracleFeet’s work from this study, and what we’re learning about bringing a powerful low-cost intervention to scale so that every child, everywhere born with this common disability can eventually access treatment. Stay tuned for more insights in coming months.