Brothers with Clubfoot Treated in Tanzania

Pandaeli faced ostracization in his community after he was born with unilateral clubfoot. It was heartbreaking for the family as they listened to neighbors gossip and accuse Pandaeli’s mother of bringing misfortune to her family.Both brothers during casting, wearing pink casts

They never imagined it would get worse, but then Pandaeli’s younger brother Godson was born with bilateral clubfoot.

The discrimination against the boys and their mother seemed as though it would never stop. Desperate to raise her sons in a loving environment, Godson and Pandaeli’s mother packed their belongings and returned to the family home where she was raised.Godson after treatment

One day in the market, she was searching for special shoes that her sons could wear when a chance meeting changed everything. A woman who knew about clubfoot saw the family and stopped to tell them that she knew where the boys could receive treatment. There was a clubfoot clinic at the Plaster House, and treatment was free, she said.

Overjoyed, Godson and Pandaeli’s mother took the children to be treated. Today, thanks to our partners at the Tanzania Clubfoot Care Organization (TCCO), the boys’ can run and play freely, without the hindrance of clubfoot disability.

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