Becoming a Clubfoot Advocate: Pasan’s Story

When Pasan was born with bilateral clubfoot in Sri Lanka, his family thought the condition was the result of past wrongdoing.

Fortunately, after they were referred to a local orthopedic surgeon, Pasan’s mother and grandmother decided they would go to the appointment andcollage of Pasan's feet before, during, and after treatment learn more. It was there that they found out Pasan had clubfoot and his feet could be treated and straightened.

Clinic staff made sure to explain to Pasan’s mother and grandmother that clubfoot is a common birth defect and casting and bracing the feet is the best way to straighten them. Pasan immediately began treatment – seven casts total – and at the age of two months, started wearing a brace.

Pasan’s grandmother, who helps care for the boy while his father is away working, said, “We can see a dramatic change and improvement in his feet.” Despite her initial resistance to treatment, she now notices the difference and has even started to encourage other families at the clinic by sharing Pasan’s story.

The family hopes for Pasan to enjoy his childhood and begin preschool with his peers.

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