Perseverance in Paraguay: Sofia’s Clubfoot Story

Sofia had never received treatment for unilateral clubfoot when her mother brought her to the Children’s Hospital of Acosta Nu in San Lorenzo, Sofia stands facing the camera, her left foot now correctedParaguay. At the age of four, Sofia was unable to walk and her family was growing increasingly hopeless.

Sofia’s mother brought the child to the clinic each week, traveling two hours by bus each way. As treatment progressed, the clinicians and family determined that her case would be particularly difficult to treat because of its severity. Sofia ended up having a series of twelve casts (four more than the average of eight casts) and a tenotomy.

Thankfully, her parents were incredibly dedicated to the treatment process. They even brought Sofia an additional time for a tenotomy; her initial tenotomy appointment could not be completed because doctors discovered Sofia had eaten candy from her mother’s purse and could not safely be taken to the operating room with food in her stomach!

Now Sofia is in the bracing phase of treatment and loves to wear her brace so much that she doesn’t even want to take it off for school. Her hope for the future is being able to do everything her friends can do and, for the first time, Sofia’s parents are watching that dream come true.