Setting Clubfoot Straight in Vietnam: Tu’s Story

When Tu was born with bilateral clubfoot in Vietnam, his parents were shocked and did not know what to do. Tu’s mother Thi had never seen or heard of clubfoot before. Fortunately for Thi, the hospital in Ho Chi Minh where she gave birth, Tu Du Hospital, has a MiracleFeet-sponsored clinic located inside. Thi’s midwife directed the family to the clinic, and Tu began treatment only four days after he was born!

After a series of five casts, Tu was given a brace to maintain the correction of his feet. “I noticed that his legs had changed significantly from the beginning,” Thi said. Thi follows the clinic’s advice closely, making sure Tu wears his brace all day.Tu before, during, and after treatment

Tu’s parents managed to balance their weekly casting visits and 45-minute journey to the clinic, but they know many other parents face difficulty because of the distance they must travel to the clinic. Thi is grateful that Tu is not a fussy baby and has been a very good patient. “It is difficult to care for and clean the baby when he is in casts,” she said.

We’re glad Tu is an excellent patient and that his parents feel so much hope for his future. “My husband and I are very happy,” Thi said as she described a simple but powerful wish: for Tu to walk and run with the other children in their community.

Learn more about MiracleFeet’s work in Vietnam with our partner Mobility Outreach International.