Meet N’Della, MiracleFeet’s First Patient Story from Senegal

MiracleFeet began work in Senegal this year and we are excited to share our first patient story from our clinic in Touba, a large city in the central region of the country.Ndella stands with the help of her mother. Her left foot has not yet been corrected and is twisted inward

Touba is home to more than 500,000 and was the location of a MiracleFeet-sponsored¬†Ponseti training last February. Following the training, N’Della was enrolled in treatment.

NDella after treatment. She sits in her mother's lap, feet correctedN’Della’s mother and grandmother brought the eighteen-month-old child to the clinic for treatment of unilateral clubfoot. When they heard that a clubfoot clinic would begin operating in Touba, they were encouraged to go and brought N’Della as soon as possible. The family’s village is close to Touba, but until the clinic began operating, there was no place she could receive treatment.

The parents used to be worried that their daughter would face prejudice at school and among her peers, but now they feel great joy and relief after each appointment. N’Della is now in the bracing phase and MiracleFeet is glad to be working to bring quality clubfoot treatment to other children like her in Senegal.

Read more about our partnership in Senegal with German relief organization DAHW here.