Early Intervention in Vietnam: Nhat’s Clubfoot Story

When Dinh received the news that he and his wife were expecting a baby, the whole family was filled with excitement. The baby would be the couple’s first child and the first grandchild in the family. Dinh and his wife, who are high school sweethearts, read and researched everything they could so that they would know how to care for the child once he arrived.

Five months into the pregnancy, the expectant couple received unexpected news during a routine ultrasound visit: their son would be born with clubfoot. “I did not believe what I heard,” said Dinh. He asked the doctors to perform the ultrasound a second time so he could view the results himself just to be certain. Dinh grieved as he imagined that he would never see the child walk or run around with friends.

Fortunately, the doctor at the clinic knew that treatment was available and gave the family more information. The family also researched information about clubfoot online, just as they had when first learning the exciting news of the pregnancy. They had never heard of the condition before, but they were prepared with a plan and took action quickly.

Only a few days after little Nhat was born, the baby was enrolled in treatment at Hanoi National Pediatric Hospital in Vietnam. Thanks to the early intervention of the doctors and MiracleFeet’s partner in Vietnam, Mobility Outreach International, Nhat began the casting phase of treatment.

Treatment was hard on Dinh and his wife, but they carefully followed the clinic’s advice about cast care and came to appointments each week. Both parents had to take time off from work and lose salary in order to ensure that they made it to every single appointment, but they trusted that treatment would work.

Their diligence and sacrifice paid off; Nhat is now in the nighttime bracing phase of treatment and his parents see progress every day. Dinh and his wife are grateful to everyone who helped them along the way.

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