Dancing Through Clubfoot Treatment in Nicaragua

When Ashley was born with clubfoot in Nicaragua, her mother Rosa was told the child would never walk and that the family should give up hope. Fortunately, Ashley’s grandmother worked at a large hospital where there was a MiracleFeet-sponsored clinic and told Rosa that treatment was possible. Ashley was enrolled in treatment at three months of age and had a series of eight casts over two months.

Their journey was not without struggle. Because of the 2014 earthquake, the hospital where Ashley went for treatment was destroyed and her family had to travel to another clinic that was much farther away – an hour and a half by taxi or bus. Despite the hardship of additional travel, the family came together to support Rosa and Ashley, which made all the difference. Ashley's feet before and after treatment

As the first granddaughter in the family, everyone was cheering her on throughout casting, tenotomy, and bracing. Ashley’s dad and grandma helped during bathtime when she was in casts, and the family made sure she wore her brace diligently.  At eighteen months old, Ashley took her first steps, and the family was thrilled. Now she is an active five-year-old who will graduate kindergarten in December and an aspiring ballerina who loves dancing and playing with her friends.

Family support has been key in Ashley’s success; Rosa even learned massage exercises from the doctor to help relieve the occasional tension in Ashley’s feet. We’re so glad to see the big smile on Ashley’s face and wish her a lifetime of running–and dancing–freely!

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