Treating Clubfoot in Tanzania: Edward’s Example

Edward stands between his mother and father

In 2013, MiracleFeet began working with partners to treat clubfoot in Tanzania. This east African nation is perhaps best known for its tourism industry Рfrom wildlife safaris to Mount Kilimanjaro Рyet the average per capita income for a Tanzanian is only $920 per year. In addition, health threats such as HIV and malaria are among the top causes of death for citizens here.

This is why we believe MiracleFeet’s work treating children with clubfoot, like two-year-old Edward, is so important. Children with clubfoot in low-income countries are often ostracized or abandoned by their families, relegated to outsider status in their own communities, and thus at greater risk for contracting life-threatening illnesses.Close-up of Edward's corrected feet

The treatment Edward received at Usa River Rehabilitation Center in Arusha ensures he is no longer among the most vulnerable. Thanks to his supportive parents – both mom and dad accompany him to every clinic appointment – Edward will have a bright future.

Strong partners, supportive families, and access to quality Ponseti treatment can change the futures of children throughout Tanzania, children like Edward. Here’s to a brighter future and an end to the disability caused by untreated clubfoot!