Finding Hope in Zimbabwe: Letter from a Clubfoot Mom

When Believe was born in Zimbabwe with bilateral clubfoot in 2014, his mother felt the fear and uncertainty many clubfoot moms face. Would her child ever be able to walk and play? What could she do to help him?

Believe, wearing his brace and sitting on mother's lapFortunately, Believe’s mother sought help at the local hospital in Bulawayo and found that her son’s condition was treatable! Nearly four years old, Believe is in braces and able to walk. His mother shared her journey and offered encouragement in a letter.

I gave birth to my child and noticed that he had clubfoot and was unable to stand on his feet. I then went to United Bulawayo Hospital and got help. Now my son can stand and even walk – something I never thought would be possible. I would like to advise mothers with children affected by clubfoot to take their children for treatment and not be discouraged. Do not assume that your children are disabled; clubfoot can be treated.


Believe’s Mother

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