Help Children with Clubfoot This Holiday Season

Helping children with clubfoot is as easy and inspirational as ever this holiday season. These stories from the past year beautifully illustrate the positive impact your contribution will make in 2018.

Nancy sits in a rocking chair in the home she shares with her two sons, husband, and mother in Nicaragua. She describes to us the reaction of her neighbors the day she brought her newborn son, Angel, home from the hospital, both of his feet twisted from clubfoot.

“My neighbor saw his feet and said to me, ‘What kind of mother are you?'” Her eyes fill with tears. “She told me to hide my child.”

She did not hide her child. Instead of having to tell us more about this jarring reaction from members of her community, she was able to describe what an incredible difference clubfoot treatment, provided at no cost with MiracleFeet’s support, has made for her family. She is honest but resolute, “I had to struggle for my child. But I am happy now–I am at peace.”

Nancy sums up what drives us–bringing peace to families affected by clubfoot, whose lives are often driven by fear and uncertainty. This past year, we were lucky enough to visit families in many of the countries where we work, hearing story after story of lives transformed.

Majaliwa, a little boy in Tanzania, ended up at one of our clinics after his father tried to kill him, because of his clubfoot. He received safe harbor as well as successful treatment at one of the clinics we support and now lives free of fear and disability. Madhu, a 26-year-old in India, danced for the first time at a friend’s wedding after receiving treatment along with her daughter. And many of you followed the inspiring story of little Henroy in Liberia, who received successful treatment at age nine after living disabled and unable to attend school or play with other kids.

We will continue to take action until untreated clubfoot is no longer one of the major causes of disability in the world. Every dollar you give goes to this pursuit, and of course, none of our work would happen without the generosity of donors and supporters like you.

We hope you will consider a donation to MiracleFeet this holiday season. For Nancy, Majaliwa, Madhu, Henroy, and countless others, thank you for believing in our mission and making hope, peace, and dignity possible.