A Passion Project for MiracleFeet

“I’ve never heard of clubfoot.”

We hear this confession almost daily. For us, it is a constant reminder that we have a lot of work to do around clubfoot awareness. We need to start conversations about this common birth defect that is devastating to children in certain areas of the world. Clubfoot needs to be treated equally in every country.

Earlier this year, we told our story to GSW, an amazing ad agency in NYC, and they were so inspired that they launched a “Passion Project” for MiracleFeet. They generously created posters, ads, and even captivating and educational videos for us. These creative pieces will help us reach new audiences with our message of hope and transformation.

You can help continue these conversations. Use your voice to educate others that neglected clubfoot is a root cause of illiteracy, malnourishment, and abuse in low- and middle-income countries. Click on the posters and print advertisements below to download these images and share on your social media channels.


Untreated Clubfoot Poster Series: 



MiracleFeet “Little Piggy” Print Ad Series: